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Geocaching - The interactive treasure hunt

Do you only think of long-lost childhood adventures when hear the words “scavenger hunt”? Far from it - the good, old treasure hunt is now receives its revival in the modern era thanks to GPS: Geocaching is a modern outdoor hobby which has attracted more than four million people worldwide (the tendency is strongly increasing). Geocaching becomes an unforgettable event in Zillertal, one of the most interesting regions to discover the beauty of nature using GPS with the whole family. Exciting adventures are guaranteed!

Here is the step-by-step procedure, so that you can catch the geocaching fever quickly:

  • Register at www.geocaching.com (free basic membership)
  • All smartphone owners can download the app and then use it offline in Zillertal (note: synchronise with the desired caches in advance).
  • Choose a geocache that corresponds to your personal desires - difficult hike or easy adventure?
  • Keep functional clothing, water and snacks in mind, as well as maps and other equipment.
  • For your own safety, let someone know where you are going.
  • Mark the starting point or the car as a waypoint so that you can find it again.
  • Take friends and family with you, meet up with other geocachers and share experiences.
  • Use the GPS device or smartphone to find the optimal way to the point displayed where the actual search for the container itself begins.
  • Bear in mind: distances can be deceiving! Even if essential information can be found in the respective cache description, routes still have to be searched for and rivers and other obstacles must be overcome.
  • Make an entry in the logbook which is located in the container and then hide it again where it was found. If you don’t find it so quickly - think about where you would have hidden the geocach yourself, check for possible hints in the cache description and log it as “DNF” (not found) if necessary.
  • Enter what you found in a so-called “log” and perhaps add some details about the experience and upload some photos.

Find an overview of all Zillertal caches:www.geocaching.com.

We wish you an exciting adventure and a rich experience in nature with hiking shoes and GPS!


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