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Zillertal bacon - "Zillertaler Speck"

Speck is still produced in the traditional way in the Zillertal. This particularly requires a lot of manual work. Only choice pork is used for the production. First of all, the meat is dry-salted by hand - the so-called dry curing. Then the meat is smoothed off by hand several times. Only rough-grained salt and a variety of natural spices are used to provide the aromatic flavour. Then the meat is placed in the smoking chamber, which is fired with wood from local saw mills. Smoked with a secret blend and air-dried in the fragrant air of the Zillertal, the speck is given a special aroma.

Zillertal hay milk - "Zillertaler Heumilch"

The simple secret of hay milk: out in the meadows, the cows eat grass from spring to fall. After they are driven down from the alpine meadows and return to the stall in September and October, theay eat loose, air-dried hay, perhaps with a bit of grain as concentrated feed. This is where hay milk comes from. Businesses that display the hay milk seal of approval produce food products based on strict criteria and offer foods with natural quality. To obtain this seal, the businesses promise to use local products. They thereby enhance the regional economy and prevent a negeative balance of energy from the transportation of goods.

Zillertal beer - "Zillertal Bier"

Beer culture has a long tradition in Zillertal. The amber nectar was likely brewed in Zell by order of the emperor as early as the year 1500. 500 years later, the brewery enjoys a very good reputation for beer of the highest quality. This Zillertal beer culture is focused on producing the best-tasting beer possible. Freshly tapped Zillertal beer is therefore available only in Zillertal and in selected locations within Tyrol. The aromas of different types of beer go perfectly with various dishes and now hold their own even against wine as real alternative.

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Zillertal superior brandy - "Zillertaler Edelbrand"

The journey from the fruit to the finished product requires a great deal of traditional expertise and high levels of professionalism.
The Austrian meaning of superior brandy is spirits produced from fermented fruit containing sugar. The fruits distinctive aroma is preserved during distillation. What customers commonly kno as "schnapps", the distiller sells as "...brand". Schnapps is part of day-to-day culture in Zillertal. People give their visitors a shot to welcome them. The clear spirit comes in a variety of flavors from fruity and sweet to nutty and bitter. The most famous schnapps in Zillertal is the so called "Meisterwurz" - a subtly fruity with hints of fennel, aniseed, caraway and citrus fruit flavours. The root acts as an expectorant, stimulates the metabolism, is anti-bacterial, anti-in-flammatory and regulates the body fluids.


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