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Alpine roads and side valleys

The Zillertal splits at the end into various side valleys, each with its own unique charm. The so-called "Gründe" give the rear Zillertal a fascinating mountain backdrop. This is also the gateway to the High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps with its three thousand metre peaks and numerous hikes.

Alpine roads opening hours:

  Schlegeis Alpenstraße: 21st May to 26th October 2021

  Zillergrund: from around mid / end of May to October 2021

  Stilluptal: from around mid / end of May to around mid-October 2021

  Zillertaler Höhenstraße: from around mid-June to the end of October 2021

Gerlos Valley

The Gerlos Alpine Road connects Tyrol with Salzburg and offers you a fantastic mountain panorama all the way to the Krimmler Achental valley. From Zell am Ziller, the route leads over the Hainzenberg to Gerlos, past Königsleiten into the Salzburg region. Behind the Gerlos Pass are the Krimml Waterfalls, the largest waterfalls in Europe, which are an attraction in any weather.

The well-maintained Gerlos Alpine Road winds upwards in 8 hairpin bends with a maximum gradient of only 9 percent. With a maximum altitude of 1,630 metres and a length of 12 kilometres, the Gerlos Alpine Road is a panoramic road.

Toll tariffs Gerlospass:
  Car € 10,00
  Motorcycle € 7,00
  Coaches € 1,90 per Person

Buses runs from Zell am Ziller till Königsleiten.

Stilluptal Valley

With its 17 kilometres, the Stilluptal Valley is the smallest of the four side valleys. Once you reach the dam wall, the valley road climbs gently, first along the reservoir and then between flowering alpine meadows to the end of the valley. Numerous refreshment stops invite you to linger. The Stilluptal is equally suitable for hikers, walkers and cyclists. From Mayrhofen, the toll road leads over a length of 8 km to the Stillup Reservoir at 1,116 m. It was built in 1966 and has a gradient of up to 15 percent.

Toll rates:
  Car € 8,00
  Motorcycle € 2,50

A shuttle bus service operates from Mayrhofen to the Wasserfall Guest House as well as the Grünen-Wand Hut.

Zemmgrund Valley & Schlegeis Reservoir

The mountaineering village Ginzling is one of the most famous climbing resorts in Tyrol. Located in the Zemmgrund with an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level, Ginzling is the ideal starting point for hikes in the High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps, to the Berliner Höhenweg and numerous summit tours.

The Nature Park House is also located here, which organises guided hikes and attracts visitors with interesting exhibitions.

From Ginzling it is another 16 km to the Schlegeis reservoir, which is held by an imposing dam wall. With its length of 725 m and a height of 131 m, this "double-curved" dam is one of the largest reservoirs in Tyrol. 

Toll tariffs:
  Car € 14,00
  Motorcycle € 10,00
  Bus € 3,60 per person

Buses run (till beginning of October) from Mayrhofen to Schlegeis Reservoir.


The Ziller rises in the Zillergrund and makes its way through the valley to the Inn. This side valley stretches from the Austrian-Italian border to Mayrhofen and has a length of 25 kilometres.

This is also where the Steinbock.Welten.Zillergrund are located, to experience these fascinating animals up close.

Toll tariffs:
  Car € 8,00
  Motorcycle € 4,00
  Coaches € 1,00 per person

Buses run (till beginning of october) from Mayrhofen till dam wall Zillergrund.

Zillertaler Höhenstraße

An unforgettable experience on one of the most beautiful alpine roads in Austria - that is the Zillertaler Höhenstraße. Take your own car, coach, bus or bike up to 2,010 metres. The five ascents are located between Ried and Hippach. The fantastic panorama can be admired along the entire route.

Toll tariffs:
  Car € 8,00
  Motorcycle € 5,00
  Minibuses € 17,00
  Coaches with 12 seats € 22,00

Buses run (till beginning of October) from Hippach till Melchboden and from Ried/Kaltenbach till Zirmstadl.

Tuxertal Valley

The Tuxertal valley is best known for its glacier, the Hintertux Glacier. It stretches for about 15 km and is the most densely populated valley in the High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps with its districts Hintertux (1,500 m), Madseit (1,385 m), Juns (1,360 m), Lanersbach (1,300 m), Vorderlanersbach (1,300 m) and Finkenberg (840 m).

From Mayrhofen you reach the Tuxertal valley via Finkenberg, which ends at the Hintertux glacier lifts.

Buses run from Mayrhofen to Hintertuxer Gletscher.

The Zillertal at a Glance


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