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Nature Adventure: When nature stands for idyllic surroundings and adventure. When mountains, lakes and alpine pastures turn into picturesque magic. When hiking, cycling and swimming guarantee sportive vacation bliss. Then you are in the right place. Then you are in the Zillertal.

4 tips for your summer holiday

From Spieljoch to Hochfügen

The hiking trail to the Spieljoch starts at the mountain station of the Spieljochbahn cable car. From here, it leads to the Geolsalm and on to the Gartalm, a natural treasure.

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Weibsbilder Tour

Literally meaning “women’s tour”, this is the ideal choice for those who want to experience wonderful hikes with other female companions.

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Hike up to the Ahornspitz

From the Ahorn mountain station it goes to the Edelhütte. From there the path continues to the Ahornspitze with its fantastic mountain panorama.

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A clearly signposted trail takes you to the Beil peak, then to the Grüblspitze summit cross and over the Ramsjoch to the Torsee Lake before continuing to Tux-Vorderlanersbach via the Nasse Tuxalm.

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