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Culture & theatre festivals

There are many theatre stages but their quality level in Zillertal is particularly high. In addition to classic people’s theatre performances, visitors are captivated by international cultural festivals like the “Stummer Schrei” or “Steudltenn” with professional productions and great media attention and exposure. In Zillertal, every genre has its place and finds an enthusiastic audience.

Steudltenn theatre festival

A barn in Uderns with foundation walls from the 13th century, the name Zillertal known far beyond the region and the popular tourist region in the heart of Europe form the basis for an international and, in all areas, professional troop under the management of Bernadette Abendstein and Hakon Hirzenberger. 

Its credo is to create theatrical performances based on contemporary topics. The troop takes on the form of a mobile theatre so as not to be tied to a fixed location and to be able to perform to the entire valley and subsequently the world, and, in particular, to interest children and young people in the theatre. With contemporary, sensually imaginative and age-appropriate performances, the troop is very much on the right track.  

Sold-out performances in previous seasons demonstrate the wide acceptance and great importance given to the highly professional plays. The indescribable atmosphere at the Steudltenn theatre festival does its bit to make an evening at the theatre truly special.

“stummer schrei” – the cultural festival in Zillertal

It all began in 2004 with a vision. The idea at that time was to organise a cultural festival in the small village of Stumm in Zillertal where local artists could join together with visiting artists during the summer months to entertain a larger audience. Meanwhile, the “stummer schrei” festival has become a well established event with its own firm place in Tyrol’s cultural summer calendar, and it attracts a wide audience from all over Austria to Zillertal. The local residents see the “stummer schrei” festival as a way to express their love of their homeland  and as a proud attempt to show off their own culture.

The festival presents a colourful programme of theatre, music and culture and it will take place annually!

Zillertal People’s theatres

In addition to the two international cultural and theatre festivals "Steudltenn" and "Stummer Schrei", Zillertal also offers the following village theatres, which put on the broadest range on performances: 


Information about the programmes and dates can be obtained from the links provided or the local tourist association.

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