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    Alpine Autumn

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Zillertal Alpine Autumn

From September to October, autumn gradually takes hold of the mountain landscape. The cattle are driven down from the alpine pastures in festive processions to graze on the Zillertal valley pastures, now green and lush with many different grasses and herbs which produce the nourishing hay milk. In autumn, the days are no longer oppressively hot, the nights are cool and fresh and the sun still shines with summer radiance, illuminating the fascinating natural landscape in rich colours.

The air is crystal clear and views are a seemingly infinite, as the generally stable weather conditions allow for optimum visibility. Thanks to the year-round skiing area on the Hintertux Glacier, skiing is possible in autumn, and this adventure can be combined with a variety of other activities, such as a round of golf culminating in spa treatments and culinary delights.

One helpful tip:

In high mountain regions, there may be snow and frost in autumn and therefore, many offers and attractions are only available if weather conditions are good. To be on the safe side, it is best to ring the phone number given or to ask in a nearby tourist office, where you will find detailed information on special themes, local activities and events.

Autumn hike tips

Hikers in autumn will be rewarded with magical natural scenery and autumn leaves in fantastic colours. The air is crystal clear, making views seem infinite. Zillertal is one of the world’s most diverse hiking destinations. You can take a leisurely walk along the wide, sunny valley floor, enjoy one of the many theme hikes, take an easy climb up to the next alpine meadow, or work off excess energy on a challenging mountain hike in one of the wild, romantic side valleys. Most of the 1,400 kilometres of hiking trails are still passable in autumn and unforgettable alpine adventures are guaranteed.

Here are four suggestions for routes which offer particularly enjoyable experiences and breathtaking views, espacially in autumn:

Autumn bike tours

Anyone who has ever explored Zillertal from the saddle knows that there are few more spectacular places in the world for cycling and mountainbiking, who are rewarded with unforgettable panoramic views in crystal clear mountain air. Comfortable temperatures supply fresh energy for each new bike tour – in the mountains, in one of the side valleys, or on the comfortable valley floor.

Challenging mountain tour or enjoyable mountain lodge tour? Our bike tour suggestions definitely offer something for everyone:

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