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Berliner Höhenweg - 5. Etappe: Furtschaglhaus - Berliner Hütte

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Furtschaglhaus - Schönbichler Horn - Berliner Hütte


On a good track to the grassy slope above the hut and then continuously increasing in north-eastward direction to Schönbichler Horn. Cross some streams and in a more scanty vegetation you reach in approx. 2,700 m a rocky stem to the left (north). In some turns upwards to this stem and now through a scree slope steeply upwards direction to the peak of Schönbichler Horn. Here a steep furrow which is secured with ropes is bringing you to the south ridge.

Across the south ridge to the peak of Schönbichler Horn (3,134 m). Now downwards on the steep east side of the mountain which is also secured with ropes. Across the ridge on layered flags downwards on 2,763 m with a magnificent view to Berliner Hütte. Now turn right to the southern flank of the mountain, along a steep part which is secured with a rope downwards to the bottom of Garber cirque. Now descent in some wide turns to the northern side moraine of Waxeggkees. Follow the ridge of the moraine for approx. 200 m altitude difference to the junction at 2,040 m. Turn sharp to the right now, cross the bridge of the glacial stream and with a short ascent to the moraine on the other side. Continue now across the meadows, cross another stream and walk along below the northern hill of "Steinmandl". Cross the stream which is coming from Hornkees and ascent on glacier polished flags to Berliner Hütte.


Stage information
Difficulty: schwer
Duration: 05:00 h
Distance: 8 km
Elevation uphill: 850 m
Highest Point: 3090 m
Altitude profile
Altitude profile

Berliner Höhenweg - 5. Etappe: Furtschaglhaus - Berliner Hütte

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