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Berliner Höhenweg - 6. Etappe: Berliner Hütte - Greizer Hütte

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Alpine pass 502 from the „Berliner Hut“ (2040m) to the „Schwarzlake“ and up to the „Mörchennick“ (2227m). Now there’s a descent into the “Floitengrund” and on the opposite hillside you can see the ascent to the “Greizer Hut” (2227m)


The way leads over the „Mörchen nick“ (2872m).

From the “Berliner Hut” (2040m) you have to follow the Way Nr. 502 up to the beautifully situated “Schwarzlake”. Slightly above the way tees way Nr. 522, this leads over the “Melker nick” (2814m) into the “Gunggl”. If you want to visit the “Greizer Hut” (2227m) just stay on the way 502 and hike up the “Mörchen nick” (2849m). After the nick you find a court, with ropes secured way. This part can be quite problematic if there’s snow on the hiking trail! Many serpentines lead down into the “Floitengrund”. There are some, with ropes secured parts, and a short ladder before you reach the valley floor. From that point on it’s really important that you follow the markers. Then you cross the bridge of the “Floiten river” and after that hike up to the “Greizer Hut”.


Stage information
Difficulty: schwer
Duration: 06:00 h
Distance: 10,80 km
Elevation uphill: 1235 m
Highest Point: 2880 m
Altitude profile
Altitude profile

Berliner Höhenweg - 6. Etappe: Berliner Hütte - Greizer Hütte

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