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Perfect photos with your smartphone

Winter landscapes have a unique charm: the glittering white, the clear, cold air – the whole world looks like it has been frozen. It is a very special atmosphere, which you should definitely capture with your smartphone. So, dress warmly and head out into nature – and make sure you have plenty of time. Often, it is worth playing around a bit to find different subjects and perspectives. With the help of experts from CEWE, we have collected some tips and tricks to help you take great pictures with your smartphone. Give it a go – it’s worth it!

Sun? Great! But clouds make your pictures look dynamic...

Bright sunshine in all your photos naturally looks awesome. But you can take amazing pictures when the sky is cloudy, too: Clouds make photos seem more vivid. They add some drama to the scenery. The atmosphere seems most impressive if you can catch a glimpse of the sun through the clouds.

The panorama is essential

Alpine ski regions lend themselves well to panoramic pictures. A wide view of white summits is always fascinating. Take eight to 10 pictures in a vertical format, overlapping each other by at least 30 per cent. You can use a computer programme to piece them together later.

Tip: Switch to Panorama mode on your smartphone.

Try different positions

The effect of scenery varies, depending on the subject’s position in your picture. For instance, if you place a summit either in the upper or the lower third of your photo you’ll see it makes a huge difference. If you position it at the top, the mountains will seem bigger, more massive. If you place it at the bottom, the focus will be on the sky instead.

Strong contrasts look amazing

Normally, the rule is that there shouldn’t be a single spot on a photo that’s purely white or black. But sometimes, as in this picture, there are exceptions. In this case, the strong contrast between the shadows and the bright snowfields has a very particular appeal.

Tip: In the early morning and late evening, the position of the sun creates impressive shadows. You can play with the various lighting conditions throughout the winter season.

Grooves on the slope: get closer!

The streaks of light in the early morning and evening make the snow sparkle beautifully. What’s important here is to move in close. A close–up gives the details and structures in your picture – like the snow grooves in this photo – a more intense effect.

Tip: Snow grooves like this look best during Early Morning Skiing, starting at 6.55am.

Landscapes: training for the eyes

The most important part of photography is to go through the world with open eyes and learn to focus on the small, wonderful details. The sun behind snow-covered trees – the ability to see the beauty in the ordinary is just like a muscle you can train. So go out and start the first workout for your eyes.

… and action!

Carving, jumping, braking – action shots are great. If you want to take pictures of fast movements on the slopes, it is best to use your smartphone’s continuous shooting mode. Simply press and hold the release button for a while, and the smartphone will take several pictures per second. Afterwards, you can choose the best ones from a series of photos.

Tip for No. 3 and 4: For action shots or pictures of people, use the editing mode on your smartphone.

Fun-tastic images

During a winter walk with family or friends, you can take truly great pictures by changing the perspective: kneel or lie down or hold the camera above your head.

Tip: When it is cloudy, it is best to focus on the people – that way, it doesn’t matter if the weather is less than perfect.

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