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Grüblspitze - Torseen

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Front-row hiking - Magnificent panorama, aromatic herbs, mysterious lakes


The mountains around Tux are steeped in legend, whith thunder, lightning and the moon often getting top billing. For example, take the story about Torsee. The lake lies like a dark eye in a depression between Ramsjoch, Torjoch and Nasse Tuxalm, exactly at the foot of Torwand, which is mirrored in the smooth surface of Torsee. Legend has it that a huge steer lives at the bottom of the lake and on moonlit nights his eyes flicker from deep down in the lake. Anyone who has ever seen these lights can also hear the steer bellow in a bad storm. But before you try to get to the bottom of this mystersy, you'll have to put a few meters behind you. Enjoy the ride from Tux-Lanersbach to an elevation of 2,000 m with the Eggalm Cable Car. From there, a well marked trail takes you along hairpin turns to Beil (2,300 m) and then pretty much straight up to Grüblspitze (2,395 m), to the summit cross. A delight for the senses: panorama view with glaciers, the heady scent of wild herbs, crickets chirping. But time doesn't stand still, and the highest point of this hike is another 170 m higher. Go downhill briefly along a narrow ridge, before the trail climbs somewhat steeper to Ramsjoch (2,508 m). A brand new view comes into sight: Torjoch and Torwand rise emphatically above the mystical lakes, with the glacier glistening in the distance. Say farewell and turn to a new, more friendly landscape. At the larger lake (Torsee, 2,258 m) you'll meet up with a trail from Wattener Lizum, which takes you past Nasse Tuxalm (1,843 m) to Ramsangeralm (1,685 m) and along the Pfisterwald forest road to Tux-Lanersbach. Our tip: Take time out for the old farmsteads (national monuments) at Gemais.


Stage information
Difficulty: mittel
Duration: 05:00 h
Distance: 13 km
Elevation uphill: 610 m
Highest Point: 2510 m
Altitude profile
Altitude profile

Grüblspitze - Torseen

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