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Why is there a water tap hovering in the air? And how can a water wheel grind flour? Sarah, Florian, Louisa and their parents took the time to plunge into the fascinating world of the “Wasserwelt” themed hike in Hintertux. They were so amazed that they didn’t ever want to return to dry ground.

That can’t really be true! The sun is shining in a clear blue sky, there is no rain in sight, and yet...” Florian rubs his eyes, squints – but the rainbow is still there. “Can you see it?” whispers nine-yearold Florian to his sister Sarah, 12, in disbelief. Now Louisa has seen this colourful spectacle too.

“It’s very pretty” exclaims the five-yearold. And while the three children watch the unusual spectacle spellbound, their mother Tamara discloses the secret with a grin. She tells them about the thousands of water droplets in the spray mist enveloping this imposing waterfall, and how the rays of sun are split up into colours in the mist, to appear as a colourful rainbow and bring a sparkle to children’s eyes. “The same thing happens when it rains and rays of sunlight hit the droplets at the right angle – but on a much grander scale”. Flo is still listening to his mother as his big sister takes his hand and pulls him away to marvel at the next water wonder.

“ Here, there are adventures for the
children at every step of the way,
and they can plunge into the
fascinating world of water.”

Tamara Reiter, mother of three children

Adventure at every turn

The Reiter family from Salzburg has chosen a bright summer’s day to undertake a very special hike in Hintertux in Zillertal. “We liked the idea of not just heading for the mountains with the children but, instead, trying out some themed hikes like this one on a quest for adventure” explain the parents Tamara and Gerhard enthusiastically. On this hike, their three children can discover all they need to know about water in a playful manner.

The parents don’t get very far with their explanation – they are soon interrupted by a shout from Florian: “Dad! Mum! Look at this! Why is this water tap hovering in the air?” It really does look as if it is hovering on its own jet of water. The parents needn’t even take the trouble to explain that this has nothing to do with magic, but with an invisible glass column: Sarah has already found this out for herself, and the young trio is already on its way to the next wonder. 

Plenty of things to know about water. “What’s turning so fast over there?” Florian is curious, and puts his hand into the rotating water wheel. His face is splashed with water at once, and his father Gerhard crouches next to him: “It was once used to grind flour” says Flo’s father. “How does that work, Dad?” While Gerhard is still explaining to his curious son how water can cause a millstone to rotate, his sisters and their mother are already on their way to the next attraction. But they all have the same destination in view: the waterfall swing! At last they have all arrived, and there’s no stopping them now – Louisa first! She’s already swinging through the water drops and whooping with glee. “It’s just as well we have a change of clothes with us” says mother Tamara with a laugh, shortly before all three water fleas appear before her – dripping with water, but in seventh heaven. Time to make a quick return to the comfortable hotel. To ensure that everybody gets enough sleep before tomorrow – in time for the excursion to the Hintertux Glacier and a summer snowball fight.

Image: Andre Schönherr und Text: Johannes Stühlinger
Zillertal magazine Summer 2019

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