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Potato fritters


1 kg floury potatoes
 30 g warm butter
 250 g flour
 1 egg
 Nutmeg and salt


1. For the fritters you need a classic potato dough. First the potatoes are boiled until soft and then mashed and mixed with warm butter, flour and egg. 

2. Season to taste with nutmeg and salt. 

3. Then roll out the dough thinly and cut it into small squares. Then fry these in clarified butter until golden brown. 

4. For the sauerkraut, fry small bacon cubes and finely chopped onions in oil. 

5. Then add sauerkraut, a clove of garlic, some juniper berries and a bay leaf and stew everything. 

6. Season to taste, if necessary thicken with flour.