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Tiroler Gröstl (roasted meat with potatoes)


Serves 4 Ingredients:


250 g roast pork
600 g potatoes
4 eggs
1 onion
1 tsp butter
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp diced parsley
Pinch of ground cumin
Pinch of marjoram
Salt and pepper


1. Wash, boil and peel the potatoes. Leave to cool and then slice.

2. Dice the roast pork. Finely chop the onion and sauté in a large pan with oil.

3. Add the potatoes and diced meat and continue to cook – season with salt, pepper, marjoram and caraway. Stir regularly until crispy and golden-brown.

4. Heat a little butter in a pan, break in the eggs and fry. Place the fried eggs on the Gröstl.