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Holidays with dogs

Adventures on four paws

Whether big or small, dogs are more than welcome in Zillertal! Local guide Alexandra Dengg offers breathtaking hikes in the Fügen-Kaltenbach holiday region specially tailored to dogs. Anyone who books her services will not only learn lots about hiking with a dog but also about the various herbs that can benefit our four-legged friends – and their owners.

Calling all dog owners! The mountain world in Zillertal and, in particular, the Fügen-Kaltenbach holiday region is perfect for dogs. After all, our beloved four-legged friends can not only travel up into the mountains free of charge on public transport and the summer cable cars (muzzles and leads are obligatory) but can also enjoy professional guidance when exploring!

This is where hiking guide and dog trainer Alexandra Dengg is in her element: the expert offers specialist dog hikes that benefit both dogs and their owners. After all, she not only knows about good etiquette for dog owners in the mountains, but also which herbs are good for their four-legged friends. Corina booked onto one such exciting hike with her dog Luna and headed out on the Vier-Almen-Marsch trail with Alexandra and her two dogs Layla and Fiona – to get tips from the professional, not to mention collect some healthy herbs.

“Hikes like these also act as the perfect
platform to get some exercise with your dog
and have fun together.”

Alexandra Dengg, dog trainer and herb specialist

Encounters with grazing cattle

We are pleased to say that cattle are as much a feature of the Zillertal mountain pastures as bright sunshine and breathtaking mountain views. When encountering cows while walking a dog, however, you should know how to behave. Ultimately, cows will always protect their calves! Dog trainer Alexandra Dengg explains how not to be a threat to the grazing cattle: “As a general rule of thumb, always stick to the marked hiking trail. If cattle are blocking your way, walk around the herd giving them plenty of room. Try to avoid taking dogs through open pastures with cattle. If that is not an option, put your dog on as short a lead as possible and quickly walk past the cows. If a cow still comes towards you and things get tense, immediately release your dog from the lead! This enables you and your dog to each get to safety independently of one another.

Treats and toys. It’s as clear as daylight that you are going to pack your dog’s favourite food when going on holiday. “It’s far from uncommon for people to forget to put in some little rewards as well though”, Alexandra Dengg comments from experience. And these are particularly important on dog hikes like these. After all, “They present the perfect opportunity to let your dog enjoy plenty of play time while also integrating a training session or two.” By packing a dog toy, you will not only have lots of fun with your four-legged friend, but also make him/her really happy.

Walking uphill and downhill. When out walking, it makes sense to stay behind your dog when going uphill and in front of your dog when going downhill. By following this advice, your dog will always feel safe and you can both master any tricky sections of the walk without issue. The wild animals that often sleep during the daytime will thank you for sticking to the marked forest trails.

Image: Bernhard Huber and text: Johannes Stühlinger
Zillertal magazine Summer 2020

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