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Arena Champions Tour

Arena Champions – it’s the taking part that counts!

Whether the Speed Check, SkiMovie or Photopoint, several fun and spectacular areas await your discovery on Zillertal’s pistes. In the Zillertal Arena, they come together to create a fantastic challenge.

Speed Check - Time to pick up the pace

Want to be a speed king or queen? Then head to one of the four Speed Check runs! These specially marked and cordoned-off piste areas are all about reaching the finishing line as quickly as possible. The digital timing system will reveal exactly how fast you really were.

The perfect tuck

As a basic rule of thumb, the lower you tuck, the quicker you’ll be when skiing downhill. It’s also important to evenly distribute your body weight across both skis and to keep the entire running surface in contact with the slope. Tip: for even more speed, hold your poles behind you as parallel to your skis as possible! Caution! Don’t overestimate your abilities and develop unrealistic ambitions. Otherwise, things get dangerous!

SkiMovie - Looking good on the slopes

There are many aspects to skiing, including aesthetics. And this is what it’s all about on Zillertal’s SkiMovie pistes. As you head down the specially groomed slopes, your performance is recorded on film ready for you to post or show to friends later on.

The perfect carving technique

The most important aspect is the basic skiing position: we bend at the knees and hips and make sure our skis are shoulder-width apart. Now, we start down the slope, actively leaning into the turn. We tilt the skis and their curvature will essentially create an optimal turning motion without any further effort. It also helps to consciously hold your arms out in front of you in the direction you are heading, steering with your poles as though driving a motorbike. We finish the turn perfectly and head in the opposite direction as we continue to carve our way down. Tip: your personal SkiMovie will look particularly impressive if you maintain a constant rhythm and radius for your turns!

“It’s not just the tuck that matters as you descend. It’s
also about how evenly your body weight
is distributed across
the two skis!”

Boardercross - Racing for victory

Boardercross and ski cross involve up to four competitors racing down a course peppered with jumps, rollers and banked turns. An added bonus: as with the SkiMovie slopes, this action-packed run in the Zillertal Arena is captured on film for everyone to watch!

Perfect head-to-head racing technique

The key is to combine all of the skills involved in skiing in just one run. That means tucking as low as possible on flat sections and hitting turns on the outside before moving to the inside after passing the vertex. This will make you even faster! Caution! Particular care is needed on this course. Physical contact with other competitors is prohibited. And don’t forget: there is always video evidence at the end!

Photopoint - Say cheeeeeeeeese!

The Photopoints look out onto the idyllic Alpine landscape of the Zillertal Arena and can be easily activated with your ski pass.

The perfect photo in ski gear

We’re all familiar with the problem: it’s far from easy to capture amazing days on the slopes on camera! However, there are a few simple tricks that will help you pimp your Photopoint picture (or mobile selfie): if there are several people in the picture, don’t have them all in a line; position them offset to one another. When it comes to posing, there should be no bounds to your creativity – this is how unique memories are created. And if the sun isn’t shining too brightly in your eyes, remove your ski goggles to instantly add even more life to the photo.

Be an Arena Champion!

On completing at least six of the 13 Arena Champions stations dotted around the Zillertal Arena skiing area, Arena Champions Tour participants receive a copy of the Arena Champions book – a digital photo album packed with great memories to enjoy back home!

Image: Tom Klocker and text: Johannes Stühlinger
Zillertal magazine Winter 2019/20

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