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Torrential streams, steadily flowing rivers and still, calm lakes – Zillertal offers anglers the perfect array of options for enjoying their hobby. This variety may still not mean a guaranteed catch, but it definitely offers something for everyone. And it’s a good job as fishing is booming!

It is not just the sporting element that makes fishing so popular, but above all the chance to enjoy the diversity of nature. And this is certainly in abundance in Zillertal with its many side valleys. The ideal conditions therefore. After all, fishing is first and foremost about recuperation, switching off from your hectic everyday life, clearing the head and being patient. It is about relaxing in a natural setting and recharging your batteries with positive energy. People in the industry even claim that fishing can heal the soul. And they should know. It is therefore no wonder that fishing is often referred to as yoga for men. 


Bochra See

Ahrnbachstraße 66, 6275 Stumm

+43 650 5017348

Angeln in Gerlos

Hausnr. 198, 6281 Gerlos

+43 5284 5204

Angelmöglichkeiten - Bruggerstube

Hollenzen 111, 6290 Mayrhofen

+43 5285 63793

Angelmöglichkeiten - Hotel Kramerwirt

Am Marienbrunnen 346, 6290 Mayrhofen

+43 5285 6700

Angelmöglichkeiten - Haus Mittenfeld

Laubichl 154, 6290 Mayrhofen

+43 5285 62581

Angelmöglichkeiten - Hotel Neuhaus

Am Marktplatz 202, 6290 Mayrhofen

+43 5285 6703

Angelmöglichkeiten - Gasthof Thanner

Brandberg 8, 6290 Brandberg

+43 5285 62376

Angelmöglichkeiten - Hansjörg Brugger

Brandbergstraße 356, 6290 Mayrhofn

+43 699 12728335

Angeln beim Astegger Talhof

Astegg 527, 6292 Finkenberg

+43 680 2200650


The Zillertal at a Glance


Welcome to Zillertal! Where sun, snow and well-being become the meaning of life and where great freedom tempts you to let go.

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Cuisine in Zillertal

Award-winning traditional inn, toque-holding restaurants, romantic lodges and stylish mountain restaurants guarantee unique taste experiences.

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Hosts in Zillertal

Find the right accommodation for your perfect winter holiday in Zillertal – from cosy private rooms to luxury five-star hotels.

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Getting to Zillertal

Zillertal is located in the west of Austria and is the widest of the side valleys on the south side of the Inntal Valley. Get to Zillertal safely and comfortably.

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