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Fillets of beef with honey-chilli crust and wild herb salad

Serves 4
Preparation time: 
20 minutes


For the Beef Fillets:

4 twigs of rosemary
1 red chilli pepper
clove of garlic
5 tbsp. sunflower oil
(or other hightemperature frying oil)
3 tbsp. honey
Grated peel of
1/2 untreated orange
4 beef fillets (each approx. 200-250 g)


For the Wild Herb Salad:

150 g blackberries
4 tbsp. raspberry
1 tsp. honey
5 tbsp. sunflower oil
2 tbsp. hazelnut oil
Black pepper


1. Pluck rosemary, seed chilli and cut into rings, peel garlic and chop finely.

2. Mix these thoroughly with three tbsp. sunflower oil, honey and orange peel. 

3. Heat oven to 160°.

4. Dry meat with paper towel, add oil to pan and fry steaks 1.5 min on each side.

5. Place meat on baking tray, season on both sides with salt and pepper, spread honey-chilli mixture on meat and roast in oven for seven minutes.

6. Meanwhile, mix raspberry vinegar with honey, sunflower oil and hazelnut oil, season with salt and pepper and mix this dressing with the wild herbs and blackberries.

7. Arrange steaks and salad on the plates – and enjoy.