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Message from the Zillertal Alps

Ingredients for 1 Cocktail:

4 cl vodka
4 cl verjus
1.5 cl elderberry syrup
1.5 cl apricot liqueur
6 sage leaves
5 cl soda water
Ice cubes

Preparation time:
5 minutes
(if all ingredients are at hand)


1. Use a pestle to press the sage leaves in a strong cocktail tumbler (glass) so that they lose a little of their juice. Next, add all the remaining ingredients except for the soda water and vigorously shake the mixture in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice cubes until the liquid is cold but the ice cubes have not released too much water. This would alter the special taste of the verjus too quickly.

2. Incidentally: verjus is essentially a grape juice but is made using unripe grapes. This makes it acidic but not as sour as something like wine vinegar. In countries like Turkey and Iran, verjus is used in cooking in the same way that vinegar or lemon juice would be in Central Europe. But whatever you make with it: this grape product is great for the health and even used as a remedy for digestive disorders. But let’s get back
to our special Zillertal drink...

3. Strain the mixture into an elegant wine glass over fresh ice cubes. Now add the soda water to inject a little fizz. Briefly stir the concoction with a small, long-handled spoon and decoratively garnish with sage and grapes. Your “Message from the Zillertal Alps” is ready. Cheers!