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Mountain Rescue, Alpine Emergency Call and Piste Rescue in Zillertal

Under the telephone number 140 you can quickly reach the mountain rescue or the alpine emergency call.

The help of the mountain rescue service begins where other rescue organisations in the Zillertal are no longer able to get anywhere.

The Mountain Rescue Tyrol:

  • provides professional help in alpine terrain.
  • is ready for action around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • currently has around 4,600 volunteer members.
  • consists of 91 local offices in order to be able to be at the scene of an accident as quickly as possible.
  • is called out to far more than 2,000 missions every year.
  • relies on the support of its sustaining members.
  • always has great offers for supporting members in the shop.


140 (in Austria)
112 (Euronotruf)



Emergency notification via telephone

The mobile phone is an important tool for alerting the mountain rescue service in an emergency. In Austria you dial the alpine emergency number 140 (only in Vorarlberg the general emergency number 144 applies). The alarm can also be raised via the European emergency number 112.

If the mobile phone has no reception, you can switch it off and turn it up again and then enter the number 112 instead of the PIN.

The more precise the information given, the faster the rescue teams will reach the injured person.

  1. Where did it happen? Precise information on the location of the accident and the weather situation.
  2. What happened? Description of the accident
  3. How many injured? Indication of the number of injured
  4. What kind of injuries? Describe particularly life-threatening conditions
  5. Who reports the accident? Indication of own name with possible recall


Alpine emergency situation - Acting correctly

Unlike in areas with well-developed infrastructures, location-specific factors make rescue in alpine terrain more difficult. Inaccessibility of the accident site, long access for rescue forces, no reception or weather-specific factors can delay a quick rescue. 

Consequently, the first aider plays a vital role for the person involved in the accident. In an emergency, he or she must be the first person to provide assistance and must be proficient in first aid techniques. 

The following emergency algorithm illustrates important instructions for the first aider. You can find more information here.

  1. Ensure safety (get an overview, self-protection, group protection, check injured person for bleeding wound(s)).
  2. Check the consciousness of the injured person (if the person is unresponsive, call the emergency services IMMEDIATELY!)
  3. Take measures (check breathing, make emergency call, treat wounds, position if desired, keep warm, provide psychological support, wait together for mountain rescue/rescue service).

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