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When adventure calls

The new Albert Adler Tour on the Ahorn is fun for the whole family. Where giant rolls, snow tunnels and obstacle courses turn children into action heroes.

It's just a new approach to life." Lisa is standing at the entrance to the snow tunnel with a beaming face. Behind her the panorama of the magnificent Mayrhofner mountains, above her the sun and in front of her the eight-year-old Moritz coming towards her in a deep tuck – letting out cries of joy. Gone are the days when young mothers would kick back and wait for hours next to the magic carpet, as loving and shivering onlookers, calling out the most charming words of motivation to their children. "A world of adventure has been created here that really makes you want to be a kid again," she says enthusiastically.

This is the Ahorn, also affectionately called Genießerberg. The Fun Ride including the new Family Park is full of action and surprises and offers exactly the kind of experience that children long for. Papa Hannes stands behind the snow tunnel and gets the smartphone into position. He wants to get Junior on film as he comes rushing through the cave. He also proudly shot the video of his daughter Nina, while the eleven-year-old swept over the huge waves, her arms stretched in the air, pure joy on her face. Now Moritz is showing of his skills as a jumper, while Nina gives a high five to Albert Adler's giant paw.

"The tour is
really an experience
that you can enjoy
over and over again."

Ski-Papa Hannes

Fun Challenges

However, this great family adventure doesn't just take place within a few hundred sundrenched metres. It's not just about a little fun in between – no, the idea is bigger. The Albert Adler Tour on the Ahorn was also developed: a parallel route next to the piste, which winds its way through the forest full of fun challenges and always returns to the original slope at the turning points – where children can give their parents cheerful progress reports. That is, if the grown-ups haven't already been seized by the desire to tackle the fun twists and turns and snow snails themselves. Moritz picks up momentum and at full speed lets his ski pole rattle over the colourful tubes of the large xylophone at the edge of the track – a ringing that makes for fun background adventurer music. And Mascot Albert Adler is always part of the action and shows the way with his cheeky grin. "The tour is a great experience for the whole family from top to bottom," says Hannes before he swings over the sleigh shovels in pairs with Moritz. "It's challenging and diverse – you can enjoy it over and over again!…"

This may also be due to the fact that the slope incline on the daily well-groomed course is very moderate and keeps your inhibitions at bay – whether beginner or advanced, skier or snowboarder. You can learn the necessary coordination and motor skills in a playful way here. And of course, after countless descents, both children know exactly what is waiting for them at the end of the tour on the now well-known piste 4a: "We'll get our picture taken there", say the siblings and laugh at the competition. "You have to look cool", says Moritz. "I'd rather smile," says Nina. In any case, the Albert Adler speed camera is ready and takes snapshots of all the racers at the finish. Moritz and Nina can view the photos later at the lower station of the Ebenwald Lift and download them with their ski pass numbers.

Lisa rounds up the family. Even though it's tough because the kids are always on the go. But she wants all four of them to get their photo taken for once. For the memory. And as a recommendation for her friends. "Come on over here and show me how much fun a day of skiing can be," Albert Adler would probably shout (or croak) if he could speak. And if you were to look closely, you would certainly see his cheeky wink.

Images: Christoph Johann and text: Michael Hufnagl
Zillertal magazine Winter 2020/21


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