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Kaiserschmarrn Old Fashioned

Ingredients for the raisin syrup:
250 g brown cane sugar
125 ml water
250 g raisins

Ingredients for the rum mixture:
25 g butter
0.35 l Angostura rum 1919
1⁄2 Tahiti vanilla pod

Ingredients for one cocktail:
4.5 cl rum mixture
1 cl Calvados Berneroy VS
0.5 cl raisin syrup
2 dashes Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters Pinch of salt
1 orange

Preparation time:
5 minutes
(if all ingredients are at hand)


1. Start with the raisin syrup. Gently heat 250 g brown cane sugar in a pan, together with 125 ml water and 250 g raisins, until the sugar dissolves. Allow to simmer on low heat for 15 minutes, remove from heat and mix well in a food processor or using a hand blender. Allow to cool and then strain through a fine sieve or cloth. Store in a cool place.

2. Now the rum: melt butter in a pan until it browns and has a nutty taste. Then slit the vanilla pod and place in a preserving jar, together with the rum. Leave for a couple of hours; shake at regular intervals. Then place the preserving jar in the freezer and freeze until the butter becomes hard and collects on the surface. Filter, and store in a cool place.

3. For the cocktail, use a pre-cooled Old Fashioned glass or a tumbler – these are the classic glasses used for whisky. Pour all the ingredients directly into the glass in the order and amounts shown on the left. Stir the mixture a couple of times using a long spoon and crush a piece of orange zest over the drink. Tastes very good when served with a small portion of “Zwetschgenröster” (stewed plums). Enjoy the Kaiserschmarrn in its liquid form!