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On the Pils of time


For 1 cocktail:

3 cl dark rum, e. g.
Gosling’s Black Seal
1 cl apricot liqueur
1 cl honey syrup
1 cl cold brew coffee*
1 tsp. Pimento Dram
(rum liqueur)
Black beer espuma**

For the honey syrup**:

70 g honey
35 ml water
For the cold brew coffee*:
10 g coarsely ground
100 ml water

For the beer espuma**:

180 ml Zillertal beer
“Das Dunkle” (or
another blackbeer)
3 cl sugar syrup
50 ml egg whites


ice cubes


  1. For the honey syrup, lightly simmer the honey with
    water to create a homogeneous liquid.

  2. For the cold brew coffee, mix the ground coffee with
    the water, cover the pot and leave the mixture in the
    refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Then strain and pour
    the coffee into a bottle. It can be kept in the
    refrigerator for about 10 days.

  3. For the espuma, mix all ingredients well and
    pour them into a cream siphon. Charge with an
    N2O cartridge and cool for at least 3 hours.
    Shake briefly before use.


  1. Stir all ingredients (except the espuma) with ice cubes.
    Strain into the pre-cooled glass (preferably a 0.1 l beer
    glass) and top with the espuma. It should then look
    like a “real beer” with a very stable foam.

  2. With its spicy notes and aromas of coffee, chocolate
    and dried fruit, this drink is a perfect after dinner

* Cold brew coffee is not brewed with hot water as we know it
from normal coffee making. When making cold brew coffee,
the coffee powder remains in cold water for many hours and
releases its aromas and caffeine into the water. The cold brew
coffee contains about 70 % fewer acids and bitterns than coffee
brewed with hot water, and it tastes fruity and refreshing.

** You can prepare about 10 drinks from the quantities
given here.