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Chocolate Christmas Trees 

 200 g butter
200 g dark chocolate
coating (chopped)
175 g sugar
6 eggs
60 g grated hazelnuts or
75 g medium fine flour
1 pinch of salt
Writing and decorating

Melt the butter and the chopped 
chocolate coating in a saucepan 
over a low heat and leave to cool 

Mix the sugar thoroughly with the    
eggs and stir in the melted butter 
and chocolate mixture.

Mix the flour with the nuts and salt    
and stir thoroughly into the batter.

Place a baking frame or baking dish 
of about 20 x 20 cm on a baking    
tray, pour in the dough, bake at 
200°C top and bottom heat (180°C    
fan air) for about 30 minutes and 
leave to cool.

Cut triangles out of the sponge     
and cut them in half lengthwise 
(the little trees should be approx.    
1.5 cm thick).

Decorate the Christmas trees with    
writing icing and sugar pearls and 
store them covered in a cool place.