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Blueberry doughnuts

Serves 4 Ingredients:

250 g flour
 2 - 3 eggs
 Approx. 250 ml milk
 1 l blueberries
 Farmhouse butter or clarified butter (for frying)
 Sugar and, if required, vanilla for dusting


1. Mix the flour, eggs (if only yolk - add the beaten egg white at the end) and milk to a dough, add salt and blueberries.

2. In a flat, coated pan, let the fat get hot and pour in the batter with a spoon. Do not put the spoonfuls too close together, as they will spread a little. 

3. Now fry the doughnuts until light brown on both sides, remove from the pan and add sugar. 

4. In grandmother's day, the doughnuts were doused with a little honey water before they were taken out and steamed briefly to make them particularly juicy.

Enjoy a glass of strawberry milk with them!