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Tyrolean doughnuts


500 g flour
 A pinch of salt
 ½ cube of yeast or 1 sachet of dry yeast
 2 eggs 20 g butter
 Approx. 250 ml lukewarm milk
 1 shot of rum
 Fat for frying


1. Mix flour with salt

2. Add the lukewarm milk, eggs, melted butter, rum and yeast 

3. Knead the dough and then leave it to rest (ca. 1h)

4. Using a spoon, form balls of equal size from the dough on a board, cover them and allow them to rest again. 

5. Spread the dough balls with your knuckles until they are thin in the middle and thick at the edges 

6. Place in the hot fat and cover with the fat until done on both sides.